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New Horizons Supply Cooperative is a customer-owned business serving all of southwest Wisconsin. As a cooperative, when we make a profit, we pay that back to our members. New Horizons supplies bulk diesel fuel, fuel oil, gasoline, and propane to your farm, home or business. We carry quality Cenex oil, grease and lubricants for farm implements, automobiles, trucks and commercial equipment in quart containers through 55-gallon drums. While out driving, be sure to fill up your vehicle at one of our convenience stores.

New Horizons main office is at 1775 4th Street, Fennimore, Wisconsin 53809. We also have locations in Blue River, Bloomington, Boscobel, Darlington, Dodgeville, Gays Mills, Lancaster, and Patch Grove, Wisconsin. The cooperative sells goods and services to both members and non-members. It may also market goods produced by its members.

New Horizons was formed in 1990 as the result of a merger of three area cooperatives that were started in the 1930's. On September 1, 2010 Peoples Oil Community Coop merged with New Horizons. The cooperative is organized as a "consumer" cooperative. This allows all members to have voting rights when electing directors and deciding other matters of the cooperative. The Board of Directors is elected to set the policies of the co-op. New Horizons purchases the majority of its products from Cenex (CHS Inc) or Land 0' Lakes, which are regional cooperatives.

Account Application Forms
Commercial / Customer Account Application Form (fillable format) PDF This is a fillable PDF form. Please download file to your computer. Using an up-to-date PDF program, please complete the form, save, and attach the completed form to an email sent to our office,
Commercial / Customer Account Application Form (print format) PDF

** A completed W-9 Form is required. **
W-9 Form (print format) PDF

You may download and print out all the application, authorization and tax exemption forms. See the complete list on the forms page.

Give us a call for fuel delivery or contact our office for more information about our products or services. 1-800-321-2128

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Cenex Gift Cards

Gift Cards are available at any of our locations or you can order them online. Here is more information.

Propane Safety Tips

Know what propane smells like

Check out our pamphlets available with a scratch-and-sniff spot so that your entire family can recognize the smell.

If you smell gas

If you smell a leak, immediately evacuate everyone from the building, turn off the propane tank, and call New Horizons or the fire department from your neighbor's phone.

Be aware of gas lines

Be aware of where gas service lines are located, especially when working in your yard.

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